Deluxe Chinas according to Judye

In 2004 Judye Stewart was asked what kind of china buttons excited her. Many new examples of chinas have been discovered in the intervening years, but Judye’s list and drawings of traditional china rarities are still appropriate. Her text, ChinaDeluxe2004, is here, with my thanks.

Judye has also designed display cards for china buttons. They are coordinated with Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons and can help you organize your collection in a very attractive manner.



Author: Frankie Winters

I'm a Designer, Maker, and Developer in Portland, Oregon. I have two little girls and keep a meticulously organized garage.

2 thoughts on “Deluxe Chinas according to Judye”

  1. Guidelines does not picture a china jewel, but it does mention them on page 122. Yes, they are desirable in a competition of small chinas.

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